♫ ♪~It’s the Holiday Season!~♫ ♪ (24-27 Dec)

*Disclaimer: This is NOT that exciting of a post. I don’t really DO holidays on a regular basis, even more so this Christmas, as I’m far from all of my lovely friends in Southern California, BUT feel free to read on.

Wednesday, 24 Dec

Christmas Eve and I had half a day of work. Rather interesting. Nothing too eventful.

Meanwhile, I did appreciate the call from a friend in Southern California telling me how much he missed me because he ran into a dilemma he need help with: wrappings presents. Funny he asked this of me AFTER I moved, considering I’ve never been called upon by him to wrap any other presents before throughout the three years I’ve known him. Silly. But I’m glad I’m thought of and appreciate it nonetheless.

Our delicious Christmas dinner.

Thursday, 25 Dec

What does one do when one doesn’t really celebrate the holidays nor has family? Make the most of vacation time and spend it cooking. Most of the day, I spent by myself talking with a friend from back home who wanted to try the best they could to make the holiday season merrier for me. It was much appreciated.

Then, in the evening, my best friend of 9 years and I got together to make a meal together for the first time. We decided on brown sugar spiced baked chicken, homemade New England clam chowder and an attempt at spinach and chickpea cazuela. It was a delicious and filling dinner. The best part was definitely the clam chowder, though we had an argument over chunky potatoes or small bite-sized potatoes (I prefer the latter). I was surprised as to how thick it turned out for not using ANY cream, only milk, flour and butter. I think I’ll make it again, next time a little different – ESPECIALLY concerning potatoes.

80% of my life in boxes in my girl friend’s closet.

Friday, 26 Dec

Day after Christmas, I picked up a present to myself! Just kidding. I took a short journey over to the post office to pick up my last box of things I had shipped over here to Boston. Looks like everything got here safe and sound minus one poor package where one side split open. Oh well. What can I do? In addition to such, I finally got to mail out two postcards, a letter/card and a gift for some friends of mine. (On that note, if you want a postcard, feel free to ask for one?)

Then, more lazying around. I FINALLY got to finish the season finale of my favourite show, Once Upon a Time. In addition to that, I am proud to say that I began to read. YAY! Though, it’s not fiction yet. It’s just another one of my self-help books I’ve had for many years but never got around to.

Saturday, 27 Dec

I woke up this morning and sang my heart out for the first time in a long time, just because I felt like it. Man, it feels good to sing to my heart’s content. Boy do I miss it. Maybe I should start doing it again…

OMG Dunnes!

Then, I walked to Goodwill and just looked around at things. OMG, Ireland’s following me. I saw a cardigan from Dunnes. I’m PRETTY sure Dunnes doesn’t exist in America, so it was just AMAZING to see something from Dunnes here in the States. Oh, alas, Ireland, how I miss you! Afterwards, I went food shopping at StarMarket and Super 88, the Asian supermarket around here. OMG there were McVitie’s Rich Tea Biscuits and Digestive Biscuits there. OMG SO HAPPY! Now…where to find my Lyons and/or Barry’s Teas? Hmmmm… On the other hand, I think Super 88 will fulfill all my Asian needs, which I was sort of worried about when I first found out I was moving to Boston.

What I Learned “Today”

  • StarMarket, as I suspected, is owned by the company in charge of Albertsons. Oddly enough, at one point, they were associated with Sainsbury’s, a company I remember from being in the UK.

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