First Week: Complete (18-20 Dec)

Thursday, 18 Dec

Third day without internet at my friend’s. I’m slowly withering away, yet also more free. Heck, I decided to make use of their TV and watched Ghostbusters before bed!

Aside from that, I’m making progress in what I’m learning at work. Yay! Go me! I’m in the process of learning this scientific technique called sectioning (the video’s great, but my samples are 50x smaller, on NOT wax = harder).  I’ve completed – though, yet to master – making glass Ralph knives and I’ve learned to prepare blank samples for testing. Now, I’m learning -or trying to learn – how to make them into beautiful, ribbon-like pieces to prepare onto a microscope slide. Oh such a test of patience and nerves –  good thing I have both. I just lack that one thing I lost a while ago: steady hands.

After work today, I took my first trip into the city. My friend who’s hosting me for the next month needed me to return some books for her and pay her late fee. On my way there, I passed by the financial district, my is that place gorgeous. I’ll have to see if I can go back at some point to take pictures!

The T here is a lot like the Tube in London in some parts…

Friday, 19 Dec

Today, I’m official!

I went on an adventure today into campus, since I work off-campus, and got my id card. Yay! It was fun getting there on a full bus in the morning, especially since I usually travel against traffic. Then, on my way to work from main campus, I had to take two different trains, or T lines as they call them. I got to see the train go from underground to outdoor back to underground. When it’s underground, the stations and such are very similar to that of the London Tube. Also, the CharlieCard at this point works just like the OysterCard. When it’s outdoor, it reminds me of the Dublin DART. Then, my first exposure to the T was at street level, which feels a lot like the French tram in Nantes. But the card system is most definitely like the OysterCard system.

Anyhow, after work today, I went to a second-hand shop and saw a pair of ice skates for $20 I really wanted, but my feet are a little wide for them and they aren’t broken in. Oh well. Aside from that, my friend came to visit me for the weekend from Western Massachusetts where she’s doing Americorps. Yay for company and friends around the country!

My attempt at Pan di Stelle, for the THIRD TIME! This is them before being shoved in the oven.

Saturday, 19 Dec

Cookie attempt #3! I’ve been trying to perfect the cookie recipe for Pan Di Stelle forever – read: since last Christmas – and I had all the ingredients conveniently at my friend’s apartment, so my visiting friend and I HAD to try making it again. Plus, chocolate hazelnut cookies… All of those words are delicious!

This time, the cookies came out pretty well. Although, I still need to figure out the perfect banning temperature for that perfect crunch. Afterwards, my friends and I had some dinner at a Thai restaurant called Bamboo. It was great food and it was cute how they made a rose at the top of the straw wrapper. Now I must go learn!

What I Learned “Today”

  • Typical December weather clothing (2-5°C/35-40°F): T-shirt, thin sweater, thicker sweater, coat.
  • The definition of rain here is similar to California’s: light, drizzle – aka ” high humidity days ” in Dublin.
  • The MBTA “trains” are a mixture of a subway, train and tram system.

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