The First Taste of Winter Chill (14-17 Dec)

Sunday, 14 Dec

Sundays a lazy day? No way. A shopping day? Most definitely!

I went out to look at an apartment today on my own bright and early in the morning. It was wonderful, though pricey. Then, upon arriving home, my friend and I decided to make French toast and spinach omelette for brunch. It was lovely. For the majority of the rest of the day, I went off exploring the outskirts of Boston on my own. I bought a J. Crew topcoat for $55 at Buffalo Exchange, a great deal, I’d say. Now I think I’m ready for winter!

My bowl of pho from Noodle Barn.

Monday, 15 Dec

First day if work. How do I feel?

Alright and slightly overwhelmed.

The first thing upon arriving was being 2 min late and being told that being late is not the end of the world here because it is expected of public transport. Then, my two supervisors were both frantically running around this morning because we had a donor group of 10-15 people show up last minute. Thankfully, the grad student I’m to work under got me settled in, learning and practising by the end of the day. First thing she had me do, fertilise water lilies with SHEEP POOP. Ah, such is the life of a botanist raising plants. Haha.

For lunch, one of my supervisors treated me and the grad student and postdoc I’d be working under to lunch. We went to a Viet/Thai food place nearby called Noodle Barn. Strange name, modern settling, mediocre Asian food.

MmMmmm…fish sandwich. Yumz!

Tuesday, 16 Dec

Second day, more stuff to learn and more introductions! Yay! Also, being told that reading literature – as in scientific papers – is now officially part of my job. Yay! I was also introduced to an individual who’s – genetically – one of the descendants of furthest known ancestor of flowering plants, as well as two relatives of one of my favourite spices. Then, to complete my day, I was taught to use my midst recent crafting curiosities in lab, and make knives – KNIVES – out of glass microscope slides (sorry, couldn’t find a link/video).

In short, I’m well on my way to doing awesome and cool things…


In a side note, I had a fish sandwich for lunch at a mom n’ pop shop called A & N Pizza. It was pretty pricey, but totally worth every bite. For dinner, my host brought back two delicious sandwiches from a bakery called Flour Bakery. Man, Boston has some delicious food!

Wednesday, 17 Dec

What’s better than working during work hours?

A paid holiday party!

Using public transportation still takes a little getting used to. I took the wrong line of the right coloured train to my bus for work. Totally gotta work on that.

Work itself was rather laid back today. I wasn’t really expected to work that hard today since we had a suggested holiday party – complete with a Yankee swap – planned for us ALL afternoon. We were fed delicious, free food. One of which included some delicious cranberry sauce. I’ve never been much of a fan of it, but I think or had something to do with Massachusetts and cranberries.

A free glass – no seriously, they encourage us to take it with us after the party!

What I Learned “Today”

  • Yankee swap = white elephant
  • Public transportation is rather inconsistent, especially the buses.

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