Starting Anew (11-13 Dec)

Thursday, 11 Dec

When life pushes you along and you’re pressed for time, there’s no room to cry, only room to

It sure didn’t phase me that these were my last moments on LA for a long time. As I was packing up the last bits of this short chapter of my life, I didn’t worry much, but I sure forgot a good deal.

Flying was less terrifying than it had been at the beginning of the chapter Dublin. My flight was delayed flying into Boston from my layover in Houston, but at least I made it on one piece. Flying in at night was amazing. I cannot even begin to describe the way I fell in love: looking out the window with the clearest night sky dappled with a million stars overhead and the bright speckles of city lights beneath you as you travel through the vast sky.

Upon landing and trying to get my  head on straight at half past 11, I was glad to see a familiar face and a warm welcome from a friend who had been so distant from me for the past 9 years. My friend brought me food, a familiar and delicious Trader Joe’s wrap, and small gifts to keep me warm during my first below-freezing winter. Upon arrival at my home for the next few days, I crashed.

Friday, 12 Dec

Now that I’m here, I should look for an apartment. That’s what I did all day. Forgot food was a thing. But, I got 2 room viewings squeezed in for the evening and two set up for tomorrow. Yay! Progress! Thankfully, my friend treated me to Korean foodjapchae to be specific – for dinner as to feed me.

My first night awake in Boston and this is the beauty I see…

Saturday, 13 Dec

Apartment viewings all day! No, seriously. Just one after another. (My friend had to remind me to save time for eating food.)

Some of the apartments on the outskirts of Boston I passed on the way to a viewing.

One if the rooms I checked out was gorgeous! It was a room with built-in shelves in what once was a grand 3-story house. I’m guessing it’s a converted study. You walked in the main entrance and saw a living room with a regal, stained-glass air. To the right was a grand staircase where you could see buttresses holding up the ceiling. Then, there was a gorgeous bathroom of stone with a full-sized, non-shower bathtub! The deal breakers, though, we the fact that the roommates didn’t create a community and that the kitchen was small and disorganised.

When my friend and I got some down time, we went to the post office to pick up one of my packages that had been sitting there since Dec 1st. Funny thing is, we bumped into my other friend, whom I was shipping most of my boxes to. Funny how things work out sometimes.

Then, there was this one apartment I really liked, though. It was simple and clean, with an adorable puppy. I hope she likes me and we can iron out all the little problematic details.

What I Learned “Today”

  • When I get on a roll, I need to be reminded to eat.

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