O’hana Means Family

The Hassles of Traveling (11/6/14)

Upon getting to the airport a few hours before my departure, I was told that my flight was cancelled until next morning. However, the person working the desk managed to get me and another person onto a flight on a different airline leaving from Binghamton, New York. So the two of us got into the taxi and made our way over. I got lucky with the rearrangement as I flew straight into Detroit about 3 hours earlier than planned.

My first “awe moment” on the Michigan State campus.

Discovering the Feeling of Family (12-17/6/14)

Seeing my brother again was strange. It felt like he had never left and I had never left, even though it was a new place for both of us to be at the same time. I settled in his little apartment and felt immediately at home. I guess this is what it means to feel like you belong somewhere.

An arugula flower.

Lansing was a different and fun place to explore with a lot of beautiful plants that I had missed for so long while I was in Ireland and lots of strange buildings spread out over the land, unlike in Dublin. It felt like home, though I had never been there. It’s like the opposite of how I felt in Ithaca.

The offending sign in Dublin Square.

Faint Memories of What Seemed a Fantasy (13/6/14)

During one of my days at Michigan State, I went to an “Irish Pub” called Dublin Square with a friend I had met while studying abroad. It was surreal, eating at a pub with little memories of Dublin all over the place. It wasn’t the same, but it was still good. The most disappointing part was seeing that they had a wall decoration saying “Enjoy Barry’s & Lyons Irish Tea now available to you in the USA” and then finding out it’s just decoration. SO DISAPPOINTED. Life isn’t the same.


  • Few things are within walking distance
  • Heat makes you lazy
  • Outside food is extremely unhealthy
  • Obesity is a large issue in American society

Additional Pictures

A woven willow dragon on the MSU campus.

One of the picturesque scenes on the MSU campus.

The MSU dairy store, which sells ice cream so high in fat and sugar they’re only allowed to sell it on campus (no joke).


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