The Return…to More Adventures

Ah the exotic fruits available to me in America!

Gathering My Wits (2/6/14)

My last full day in Dublin, returning to tourist mode. I spent the day shopping for things to take home to people. There wasn’t much I could bring without pushing the luggage weight limit. Sad, but true. The odd part was not feeling like I was leaving forever. It felt like I was just going on vacation and I’d be back soon. I hope this is true.

Flying Back to America (3/6/14)

Traveling is a hassle, but it’s always filled with surprises and interesting people. While waiting for my flight, I met a sweet Egyptian-Irish girl of 13 year going to Chicago. She told me how her mother was the manager on her floor in the Twin towers, but was pregnant with her baby brother when 9/11 happened. Later, after my 4-hour layover, I was flying with an old lady named Alice who had a glorious time telling me about her garden and how there was a disease in her garden killing her petunias.

Oh the people you meet when you travel!


Bradley Hall: a place of many memories.

Returning to Past Memories (4-11/6/14)

During the next week, I spent my time wandering around the lovely little town of Ithaca, New York. Around every corner, there was a memory to be had. A memory of a time I spent with someone special, memories of the two summers I spent there. Things that had once been a norm had changed a bit, the food didn’t taste the same in some places due to change of ownership, the walks taken were not the same without the same people. The rose-coloured glasses I once wore years ago were finally taken off. Instead, I wore the glasses of memory. My mind was constantly filled with memories.

When I wasn’t busy being flooded with memories, I explored new places I had missed during my last few trips to Ithaca. In addition to that, I visited people from my past who still resided there. It was a trip worth taking, looking back into the past as I ambled the city and looking forward to the future with some of my mentors. My life got put into perspective once again.

Throughout the week, I came to the conclusion that I’m not in love with the place as I had previously though. I’m never in love with a place, rather it’s about the memories and the people that make the place a place of value in my heart.

Home is where the heart is and my heart is where my friends are, thus home is anywhere my friends are, not where the memories take place.


  • Cars drive on the right side of the road
  • People walk on the right side of a sidewalk
  • Taxes are added on after the stated price
  • Tipping is courteous – and expensive
  • American food is extremely impacted in terms of flavours. If it’s sweet, it’s VERY sweet; if it’s salty, it’s REALLY salty.

Additional Pictures

The Andrew Dickson White Library. One of my favourite places to visit.

The Margaret M. and Charles H. Dyson Atrium in Sage Hall, home of the Johnson School of Business.

The brand new Dairy Bar, for the studies of Food Science – yes, that’s a thing.

The Fuertes Observatory on the outskirts of the Cornell campus.

A view of Beebe Lake and the waterfall from the Triphammer Foot Bridge.

Ithaca Falls


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