Two Weeks of Finals & Moving Out

The RDS Simmonscourt location for exams.

Week 1 (5-11/5/14)

So…finals week. SO NOT ready. When I went to my first final, thank GOODNESS I got there early because apparently it was at a different off-campus location than last semester. It was still on the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) grounds, but it was on the other side of a road. Crazy stuff. Thankfully the valet guy knew what was going on and directed me to the other location. No wonder everyone was walking in a different direction….

The rainbow seen after getting soaked walking home from my Stats exam.

Anyways, for one of my exams this week was for my Statistics and Probability course. The course consisted of three groups of people: 2nd year engineers, finance/economics people, and others. I was in the “others” course. Originally, I found out that one of the trampoliners I knew was in the course with me. Then, I saw another one…then I was told of another and so on and so forth. Next thing I knew, I came to the conclusion that there were 5 trampoliner guys who were 2nd year engineers in the course with me. Crazy stuff. Anyhow, after that exam, I was walking home and it decided to rain. By the time I got home, I was dripping – though not “literally a puddle” as my Italian flatmate said she was after our winter exams. It was then that I was told that two of these trampoliners lived in the courtyard right next to mine! WHAT?! Weird stuff.

Towards the end of the week, after I had finished my exams, I realized that my next exams were in sequence: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of next week. This meant I only had three days – one day each – to study for the next week’s exams, as I had not started studying for them during revision week. Ooops.

The things people write on the exam desks sometimes are inspirational.

Week 2 (12-18/5/14)

Study Buddy Exams (13-14/5/14)

So, for the past two days, I was lucky enough to have a study buddy for my two exams. She happened to be in both of my classes for the two exams. It was very helpful to have her to study with, especially since the material wasn’t quite what I had expected from the class. Both exams went wonderfully, but on Wednesday, it was pretty funny because both of us totally didn’t DOUBLE check the time schedule so we both ended up walking together to exams at 9am, turns out it was 3pm. Thankfully, though, we went EARLY for the exam not missed the exam completely. So, we took a walk back to campus for lunch, a nap and a little more studying – I took a much needed long nap.

Some scallop shells found, and left at Portmarnock.

Meandering Around Portmarnock (15/5/14)

With exams over and done with, I decided to take a long-needed breather and went to go visit my friend in Malahide, as he had invited me to do so. He drove me in a cute little red Yaris to Portmarnock from the DART station. It was strange getting into the left-hand seat and being the front seat passenger.

So, for the whole days, we wandered along the coast towards Howth (going south). At one point we decided to take off our shoes because mine were getting soaked. I still can’t decide if I regret it or not, as a portion of the walk ended up with us walking into sand that had a mud-like consistency that clumped to your feet like bits of clay in a mud mixture; it was a weird feeling. It got weirder when I looked down in that area closer to where there was a stream of water and realized that there were baby clams sticking out their feet into the water. So, it must’ve been…a clam breeding ground or nursery?!

After a meander along the coast, he was talking about some delicious lemon and coriander hummus from the Dunnes store, so we walked over and got some – and a delicious rhubarb pie…tart…thing. Following our dinner was a walk around the Malahide Castle Gardens & Grounds at night. It was wonderful, even though the place was TECHNICALLY closed. A walk along a fragrant night walk with the night flowers releasing their scent – AMAZING.

What did we find? Another way to play with food: zucchinis/courgettes fried in a breadcrumb-yolk batter.

Moving Out (16-18/5/14)

Once again, I am reminded that moving about is a pain the arse. Not only did we have to move in a very short amount of time (less than a full week or two), but we also had to deal with finals. Oh the horrors. The worst part was seeing out how many things were simply tossed into the skips instead of being donated or saved because we have so little time and few people planned very well how to move about. Things like cutlery, bowls and plates, duvet sets (and residences made us toss out the duvets and pillows they gave us), backpacks, purses, all sort of things. It would’ve been the perfect if we had a donation bin or two, as well as the skips. Not to mention it would’ve been a great opportunity for dumpster diving for those brave enough to do such things.

One of the oddities of moving, I think is the returning of things from people that you forgot about over the year, things like scarves, CDs and other little things. Then, you start wondering what you should do with them: donate, toss or keep – especially since you forgot you lent people these things.

Things I Learned “today”

  • Garlic scapes (蒜薹, 蒜芯, 蒜苗) are the stems of garlic plants and are used in Chinese cooking.
  • Chrysanthemum greens (茼蒿) are the leaves of Chrysanthemum coronarium, which is apparently used in cooking Chinese food – and other Asian dishes.

Words/Phrases of the Day

  • “I’ve got to leg it” = “I’ve got to run”
  • Skip = dumpster
  • Kip = an untidy, dirty , unattractive place
  • So, I found a link describing the differences between the British/Irish way and American/Australian way of referring to foods and other “cooking terms”. Quite interesting.

Farewell to my UCD room: home for 9 months. ='[


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