Study Week

The lovely haircut.

A Much Needed Refreshing (29/4/14)

It’s been a while since I cut my hair. So, I had made an appointment and I went in for a full-on cut. I called in to the Peter Mark Training Centre to get a cut. They only have 9am and 2pm appointments, so I made mine for 2pm appointment. Originally, I was supposed to get a cut with my guy friend and have him choose my haircut length, but that fell through. Anyhow, I ended up asking for a fringe/bangs and a shoulder length cut.

It was sort of interesting seeing how their training centre worked. The students would use a dry erase marker to draw out your head/hair and how they’re supposed to cut your hair. Mine was just a simple drawing that said 0° graduated, 6 inches – because apparently they measure hair length in inches even though everything else works in centimeters. The women next to me, her mirror said “firefly”, which I can only guess is this, according to Google, since I was too distracted to see the finished cut. Anyhow, I was worked on by a 20-year old girl from Cork. She didn’t talk much. She tried to make conversation but that didn’t go very far. I told her where I wanted my hair cut, she estimated 6 inches – which is probably about right – but ended up cutting only 3-4 inches off the first time (1.5 hours). After she was done, since I didn’t know how haircutting works or anything, she asked me if I liked it. I didn’t like that it looked like only a trim, so told her I wanted MORE off. After 3-4 hours at the place, I finally got my short cut.

After a long day at the stylist’s, I decided to go swing dancing. My, was that refreshing! I hadn’t been swing dancing in so long. It was definitely much needed. The best part was convincing two of my friends to go – a fellow trampoliner and her boyfriend. Glad to say that they enjoyed themselves.

Memories (1/5/14)

The International Office here decided to throw us a Farewell Reception. It was a very casual event where we just got to snack on free appetizers essentially. I got to see a few people I hadn’t seen on a regular basis and just see how their semester or year was. I think the best part was talking with my fellow botanist. Her, her Irish friend and I had a blast talking about our childhood obsessions. We got to reminiscing on the Olsen twins, Wishbone, Cardcaptor Sakura, and the like. It’s interesting how interests of generations overlap even across continents. My, it’s nice to remember the joys of childhood.

My cup of tea and gluten-free lemon cheesecake.

Tea Time with a Trinity Trampoliner (2/5/14)

I met this trampoliner at the last and final trampoline event of the year I attended, the Dublin Open/Bouncy Ball. Sad to say, we connected really well, though we realized we didn’t have much time left together. So, we decided to have a tea date after realizing – via Facebook procrastination – that we both LOVE tea. We met up around 7pm, after I got lost and confused in city centre – yes, it still happens, sadly. It took me a while to decide on a tea, but in the end I chose a mangosteen and apricot green tea with gluten free lemon cheesecake. We had a lovely couple of hours chatting it up. During which, we covered the fact that my lemon cheesecake was probably not baked – as most cheesecakes are NOT in Ireland – and that the crust is made from digestives, not the American graham crackers – as they don’t really exist here. In the end, when we checked out with the cashier, the cashier and I got to discussing – because she noticed my American accent – and it turns out she’s from Ithaca, New York where I did an internship program with an affiliate of Cornell University. Now THAT is a moment perfect for “It’s such a small world!”

My cheap kites that we decided to attempt flying.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite! (4/5/14)

So, I’d been hard at work studying for my exams for next week. I thought I’d take a break and go kite-flying with my friend with the kites I got from the Trampoline Awards. Sure they’re cheap kites, but it was all about the fun. At first, my friend and I were running around TRYING to get the kite in the air with only a few metres of string released. Then, we Googled “how to fly a kite”. That TOTALLY didn’t help. Then, we decided to extend the string length to a suggested 30 feet – I measured out about 6 times my height by laying down on the ground. That worked a lot better, but we still didn’t get the kite in the sky. However, we did manage to get it a few feet in the air and get it to stay for a few seconds. It was pretty fun nonetheless. The most shocking part was that my friend chose to stay with me for 3 hours during this attempt. Lesson: kite flying can take a lot of patience if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Things I Learned “today”

  • Irish/British make-up products have this little symbol that tells you how long they should be kept before tossing them, as bacterial build-up is an issue with make-up.

    A clip from an issue of Glamour Magazine I was reading.

Words/Phrases of the Day

  • “How’d you get on?” = “How did it go?”

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