Calmest Week EVER in Dublin (8-12/4/14)

Nothing much has happened this week. This is probably going to be my shortest entry ever. Things are calming down as the final weeks of classes is approaching. I’m sad to say that student government campaigns are over and my friend didn’t win, but we were pretty proud to say that we bumped him up from someone no one really thought was a “threat”, to second runner-up for the position. My ankle is slowly healing as the days go by, though I was up and bouncing by Tuesday’s training session, when I convinced my friend to do synchro with me for our next mini-competition next weekend. We’ll see how that goes. As for the weather, spring is springing. The daffodils are wilting away as their time has ended, and now the cherry blossoms dominate the campus and litter the ground with their large white petals. It’s like…”spring snow”. So lovely in combination with the abundance of sunshine we’ve been having.

Some flowering trees from campus. Left: blossoms from trees of the rose family (Rosaceae). Right: horse chestnut blossoms.

Things I Learned “today”

  • Irish students here at UCD need to decide their major by 6th week of freshman year, otherwise they have to pay the full amount for their education, if it was previously free.
  • Divorce was legalized in Ireland in 1997.
  • Volatilization/volatilisation: t’s pronounced “vo-lah-tih-lie-say-shun” not “vol-uh-tuh-lie-zay-shun”.

Words/Phrases of the Day

  • Well! = shortened version of “are you well?”, which is how some Irish people greet others; instead of saying “hey!”, apparently.

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