New Friends in New Places

How paying in EUR makes all the difference. Just do it.

When in Europe, pay in Euros (26/2/14)

Today, I decided to pay for the rest of my housing costs online. Instead of doing what I normally do, paying in USD, I decided to pay in EUR to see if anything different would happen. I had been recently told that many companies will round up from the exchange rate to get a little extra change from charging you for paying in USD. Turns out, they were right. I paid my housing in euros instead of in USD on my American credit card and my did it make quite a big difference.

On the plus side, I finally booked my tickets to return from London for my spring break trip. One less thing to stress out over.

Dandelions are Flowers Too (27/2/14)

Tonight, I went out for the night – yes, on a school night. I know that’s not what I’m “supposed” to do, but I thought I should get out a bit. So I took a step out with a friend of mine, all dressed up and went to a party we had previous bought tickets for. This party was supposed to be full of international students.

The Dandelion Bar & Venue. So pretty and mellow, and semi-classy. Love it.

Upon arrival at the Dandelion Bar & Venue, we were greeted by the members of the committee of the society hosting the party. Then, we were approached by a rather dashing young Irishman who was trying to get signatures to get on the ballot to run for Welfare and Equality Officer for next school year. The bar was wonderful and had a lovely, casual, yet classy feel to the place. It was that, or I just felt very comfortable dressed up in a Breakfast at Tiffany’s style in the bar because there were other people dressed up just as “fancy”. I had a glorious time with my friend, having my first full cocktail and getting to know some rather interesting people, including the spiffily dressed Irishman. My friend and I stayed out rather late, but I definitely didn’t regret going out that night. It was totally worth it – despite it having been a school night.

My cottage pie – essentially mash(ed potatoes) over minced/ground beef – from Brazen Head. DELISH!

Explorations with a Fellow Trampoliner (28/2/14)

One of my fellow trampoliners and I decided to head to town on an exploration. Our first stop was The Brazen Head Pub, Ireland’s oldest pub, established in 1198. We had some delicious lunch there. The walls where were sitting were covered in dollar bills signed with notes on them in permanent marker. It was quite a site. After a delicious lunch, my friend ordered a dessert. She got some cheesecake. My, oh my, was that good cheesecake. Sure it wasn’t a mousse consistency the way I prefer it – so far – but neither was it a chunky cheese consistency, as if often is in America. The taste was just delectable.

One of the many chandeliers of the Dublin Castle.

Afterwards, we took a nice walk over to the Dublin Castle nearby, after a while of indecision. It was a beautiful estate to walk around in. I didn’t read much of the documents, though I should have, but rather I became rather enchanted with the decorations of the place. The architecture of the place was amazing. It was almost like being in a movie. Funnily enough, I became obsessed with the chandeliers of the place, as well as the rugs, and started to take pictures of those at a fairly consistent rate. I was so into it, I’d sometimes lay on the floor just to get a full picture of the chandelier hanging above my head. People must’ve thought I was crazy. Oh well.

Reminders of California (1/3/14)

Today, I went to a Balboa workshop. Balboa is a dance that originated on the Balboa peninsula in California. Anyways, I decided to take classes here in Dublin to start off my learning of Balboa. It was wonderful. I spent all day, speeding through the basics to learn a little bit of intermediate moves. I think I need more practice, but it was definitely a fun day.

Things I Learned “today”

  • Heroin is a derivative – is made from – morphine.
  • When you cut an onion, it makes you cry because it releases a sulfuric compound that becomes sulfuric acid when it hits your eye.
  • Many Malaysian people wear scarves over their heads to cover their hair, much like Indian people, as there are also Muslims in Malaysia.

Words/Phrases of the Day

  • Brill = short for brilliant (i.e. “that’s brill!”)

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