Turning Over a New Page

The view from our hike.

Reviewing the Year (30/12/13)

When the year is coming to an end, it’s always nice to reflect on what has happened in the past year. That’s what I did today. My friend invited me out hiking, so she picked me up and we found a random place to go hiking. It was an hour and a fifteen minute hike and talk. It was lovely to see her again andt o just exchange thoughts and reflect on our lives as we know it now. Just to think together, a friendly mental bantering if you will.

Yum yum. In-n-Out at the park!

Afterwards, we got me some In-N-Out, what most people “have to try” when they come to Southern California. I’m not THAT big of a fan and I haven’t craved it since I left California, but why not. We ate at a park near where I was staying and had a wonderful time just talking somewhere. It’s so refreshing – and I feel so lucky – to have a girlfriend I can talk to about my life, who will just listen and not judge. Not to mention, it’s lovely to watch someone growth at the same speed as you are, someone to grow with you. I think for the first time in my life, I’ve suddenly realized that I’m lucky to have the friends I have.

The host’s cat in the funky “disco” lights.

New Year’s with Strangers (31/12/13)

For New Year’s Eve, I embarked on an adventure I did not expect. I was invited by one of my friends to go to a party which his friend was hosting. My friend was going to come late due to a work shift, so his friend would pick me up. It was quite fun helping them set up and then indulging in the party. The host’s grand made SUCH delicious pasta for us all and I got addicted to some vanilla-covered gourmet almonds. It was too good. We also went crazy with glow sticks and there was a disco-light bulb thing that was pretty sweet. When the new year began, we all went outside and played with some fireworks someone had brought. I think the most fun was the firecracker that goes off in water, especially since the host allowed us to throw it into his pool. Then, there were the “Roman candles”. Those were pretty interesting too. All in all, a great start to the new year.

The First Day: Learning to Relax (1/1/14)

My first full day of the new year, what did I do, sleep and watch movies. I watched Snow White and the Huntsman for the first time. It was a great storyline, but Kristen Stewart is SOOOO boring to watch. She seems to lack expression on her face. Then, I re-watched Oz the Great and Powerful, one of my favorite movies from this last year. Loved it.

A New Start: A New Perspective (2/1/14)

I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t feeling too happy today, so I messaged my “twin” early in the morning and had him take me to one of my favorite places to just clear my mind: the Diamond Bar Centre. Atop a high hill, overlooking many cities with their lights in combination of the rolling hills of the area. Something about this place always makes me feel relaxed and more at peace with my life, something I’ve been needing for the longest time.

For lunch, I got to go have ramen at Shin Sen Gumi with my mechanic. He’s a great friend to just talk to and listen to advice from. I’m indeed lucky to have the friends I have, despite how we meet and what different stages of life we’re in.

Atomic Swing: A World within a World (3/1/14)

My friend cancelled on me because she’s sick, so my host mom offered me to use her car. I took a drive to the Brea Mall and just spent a day by myself shopping for things and just looking around. It was fun as always.

Tonight was the best night of all the nights I’ve spent in Southern California thus far. One of my friends and I had been planning to go swing dancing, but things hadn’t worked out the past few times, especially since I have limited access to a car and she lives rather far from me. Today, it worked out and we ended up going to Atomic ballroom in Irvine where I met one of my old friends from swing dancing at UC Irvine and two new guy friends, who were rather charming dancers.

I also go to see my 4th grade classmate, whom I’ve known to be part of the swing dancing scene for a while now. It’s always a pleasure to see him because he’ll always offer me a dance and he’s a very good lead. I always look forward to seeing him whenever I go out and dancing with him even though I know nothing about him. Then, later in the night, I got a chance to do a sample blues dancing class. I think I like it. The most interesting part of the night, for sure, was meeting a guy from middle school. I hadn’t seen him since I moved schools in 2004, but I had previously added him on Facebook a few years later when I was in college. I was quite surprised to see him there and that he still recognized me. Too bad I didn’t get a dance in with him.

French presses and tea packets at World of Disney in Downtown Disney, Anaheim.

Who I Am (5/1/14)

I always look for who I am, but deep down, I think I’m still the same person I’ve been fundamentally all along. I’m still the same person I remember myself to be when I was in elementary school:

  • A giver. I messaged a friend and dragged her to Downtown Disney with me so I could find the perfect gift for my lovely Italian flatmate. I’m not sure if it was worth the drive, but it was definitely fun to go and look for a present. I’ve always loved giving people presents if I think they matter to me. It’s rare that I give them something without asking for what they like first though. Oh well. It’s worth a shot I guess.
  • A mentee. My 4th grade teacher invited me to her house for dinner. Things didn’t go as planned, but we ended up having dinner together just the two of us at Macaroni Grill. It was quite pleasant. I’ve always looked up to her and admired her creativity and enthusiasm to connect with and understand her students, especially me of course. We got to sit down and talk about what’s been going on with me and she gave me her perspectives and opinions about what she thought. I’m glad she’s been so supportive of me and my achievements the past few years since I’ve reconnected with her. I feel like to an extent she is the mother I’ve never had.

    The logo of the Eleven nightclub in West Hollywood.

  • A child. My friend invited me out to West Hollywood. I agreed to go. It started with my host mom getting all excited about it and offering me various outfits she had in her closet that I could wear. Then, she had fun curling my hair and talking about life with me. It was quite interesting to bond with my host mom in such a manner, especially considering how we know each other.Then, my friend picked me up and we met up with her best friend and one of her brothers before we headed out. In West Hollywood, we went into THE gay bar there – after hunting down her other brother and her beau at the moment. It was a club, as usual. I’m not much a of a club-type, but I am quite the wallflower. I always feel lucky that her oldest brother, is always trying to make sure I enjoy myself and offered to go with me to sit at a new perch or ask if I’m doing alright.

    When the club was closing up at 2am, we got to stay inside because her brother was friends with one of the managers of the place. The guys helped out a bit and the girls sat and chatted up the hot, straight bartender with blue-green eyes and the other waiters of the place. It was quite fun. Me: I bounced on the chairs and played in the go-go cage they had. It was a great night.


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