Let the Finals Begin!

Procrastinating at Its Best (11/12/13)

Yes, yes, it’s exam week, I should be studying. Instead of studying, I discussed and finally finalized my plans to visit my friend from my home university. She’s studying for a semester in Nantes, France. Tickets were ordered on Ryanair.com, the budget airline of Europe. Apparently, rumors are that Ryanair uses cookies to track your visits to the site, and the tickets can get cheaper the more often you check because they think you didn’t buy the tickets the first (few) time(s) because the price was too expensive. But either way, it’s pretty cheap getting tickets from Ryanair.

Pictures of the examination hall, Shelbourne Hall, at the RDS.

The First Challenge (12/12/13)

So today was the day of my first exam. I was NOT happy. The stupid fire alarms went off at 12:30am and again at 2:30am. I didn’t get enough sleep. Oh the horrors of living on campus.

My first exam at UCD. It was frightening. I was seat number 1,681. Seriously, what?!

Remembering to Breathe (13/12/13)

Today was the second exam. On my walk to the Royal Dublin Society (RDS), where we have our off-campus exams, I saw a white Lamborghini driving by. It was a curious things, be definitely started off my day well, especially since I ended up arriving at my exam one exam session too early, aka 3 hours. On the plus side, I met a cute ginger (cat) on my walk home in my residences. It was nice to pet a kitty when I’m stressed out.

When, I finally went to the RIGHT exam session, I was in seat number 13. Today is Friday the 13th, so hopefully two negatives equals a positive in superstition. Hahahahaha. I bumped my German acquaintance, whom I haven’t seen since the beginning of the semester. It was great talking to her again. I wish I had spent more time talking to her and less time studying and dealing with personal issues.

Hula Hoops: the new addictive snack. xD

After the exams, my German acquaintance and I walked by Centra to buy a little treat. I bought a giant 16 snack pack of Hula hoops! I’m officially addicted now – at least until I finish the bag. Then, later in the evening, my Italian flatmate, her friend, my Chinese flatmate, and I went to watch Frozen at the Savoy. It was amazing.

A Windy Day (14/12/13)

Today was the first day of some bloody freezing weather. It literally felt like it was freezing when I went out today. Not to mention the wind was blowing PRETTY hard. The leaves were flying around like birds, and the birds were flying around like leaves. My fellow botanist said that branches were heard being ripped off of trees in her apartment complex. It’s scary.

Top: one of the rooms of the Dublin Christmas Flea Market. Bottom left: a fancy paper gift box for sale. Bottom middle: some pop-up Christmas cards at the Paper Bear table. Bottom right: some pretty homemade soaps.

Dublin Flea Market (15/12/13)

It was Sunday, the day I refuse to let myself study, ‘cause you have to give yourself a break SOME time. So, I found out that there was a flea market that goes on once a month and they had one that was up for this weekend. So, I decided to get lost and go. It was amazing. There were so many beautiful things put up for sale by the local artists. There were little stuffed animals made of felt wool, many second hand clothes, vintage knick knacks and other such things. I think a few things that I REALLY liked were the milliner’s, the Paper Bear table, and the Steamline Luggage table.

The milliner’s table was quite interesting. So we often see pictures of those ridiculous “English hats” and stuff that the royals wear. Funny thing is, it’s not a “royals” only thing, normal people wear them too. I saw them at the beginning of my stay in Dublin when I saw a wedding happen at Trinity College. Funny thing is they’re a craft thing. If I lived in Ireland or Britain, I’d probably pick it up as a hobby, as the supplies can easily be bought – as I found – in craft shops.

Then, the Paper Bear table. This company specializes in stationary and little things like that. They print their own cards, but the thing that attracted people the most were the die-cut pop-up cards. They were pretty nifty. I bought three of them myself, since they were so beautifully amusing. They also had cute little animal-shaped teaspoons with arms that hang off of a cup instead of sitting in the cup.

The Steamline Luggage table was also pretty awesome. I’ve always wanted to have luggage that looked so vintage, but I’ve never seen such things on sale. It was exciting to see that someone makes them, even though they’re expensive. At least now I know where I can get something I’d like.

Things I Learned “today”

  • Chicken pasta is NOT a thing in Italy. We, Americans, often have chicken in our pasta, but according to my Italian flatmate, Italians do NOT have chicken in their pasta.
  • UCD Exams:
    It’s off-campus at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) convention centre 4 km/2.5 miles away. It seats up to 2,500 students per session. There are 4 sessions per day (9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm), Monday through Saturday, for two weeks. Exams are 1 or 2 hours with students from various modules, at various levels in each session. Crazy stuff
  • A lot of Irish doors have a “mini-patio”, probably for “rain protection” while opening the door to the main house.

Word/Phrase of the Day

  • How’d you get on? = How did you do?

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