Remembering the Little Things (& The Self)

Joy in Simple Things (26/11/13)

So, I was sitting in lecture today, then my eye caught this glimmer of sparkling. That’s when I realized that my professor was wearing a dress shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks. Ohhhhhh!!! That got me so excited. I love it when I see guys with cufflinks. I think it’s a remnant memory of my past that I delight in.

At home, I got into a slight cleaning frenzy. Our water kettle got disgusting and brown-colored due to frequent use. I looked up how to clean it and I found out it’s called “descaling” the kettle. And apparently it’s simple to do, you simply fill it up with two cups of water, a 30g/1oz of lemon juice, and ½ a teaspoon of salt. Then, you boil it once or twice and you should be good. Crazy easy. I also read that, unlike the calcium build up I’m used to back in California, the brown-colored build-up is due to an excess of iron in the water. Interesting stuff.

Then, the fun learning. I was reading my friend’s blog, and she wrote about how you can make homemade scratch-off cards. I think I might do it one day for something. It’s amazing the things you can make at home instead of buying them. It makes life so much more fun.

My lovely second poster.

Thanksgiving (28/11/13)

Best Thanksgiving ever. I presented my second, ever-so-lovely poster today. I think I did an okay job. It came out very pretty, though a little crazy because the cutting of the margins didn’t go so well and the tape wouldn’t cooperate. When I got home, my package I had ordered got picked up. I was so excited. I had bought myself a French Connection dress that was on sale for very cheap here. I had been eyeing it for months. When it finally went on sale and it was in my size, I decided to spoil myself – for once – and buy it. It was amazing. It was 95% perfection, more perfect than any other dress I’ve ever purchased. It made me happy.

Top left: free box of 4 gourmet chocolates! Top right: the table setting. Bottom left: the main course with lots of potatoes. Bottom right: the bread, butter, pecan pie with hot custard and whipped cream.

Then, for dinner, the international student office put on a Thanksgiving dinner for all of us Americans who were interested in celebrating. I had cream of roasted parsnip and butternut squash soup to start off. It was rather interesting, I think I rather liked it. Then, I had stuffed turkey with cranberry and orange, roasted root vegetables, scalloped sweet potatoes, creamed potatoes and roast potatoes. Yes, there was a lot of potatoes. The cranberry sauce was rather sour than what I’m used to back home, but everything else was rather savory. For dessert, we had a choice between “traditional” American apple and blueberry crumble – I’m not sure that’s a “traditional” thing at all, personally – and bread, butter and pecan nut pie. I picked the first one, since I like apple things, usually and I’m wasn’t sure what to make of bread in a pie. Both were served with hot custard – what?! Who does that?! – and fresh, homemade whipped cream – it was nice, but I don’t liked whipped cream to begin with. Yes, I know, I’m crazy. Thank you.

It was a delicious, filling dinner. The best part, for most people – I think – was probably the free glasses of wine and the free box of 4 gourmet chocolates. The weirdest part: they made us sing the Star-Spangled Banner after dinner – what?! That’s more of a Fourth of July thing. We all did I anyways, many of us fascinated over the fact that there were four more verses to the song we didn’t know about.

Gala = Nightclub (29/11/13)

After a long week, the last week of classes, my flatmate and I celebrated by going out to a “gala” hosted by some of the international student societies/clubs. We went to a club in city centre called Lafayette. My flatmate and I got all dressed up, her looking more like she was going out on the town for the night, and me in my all my “classiness” I could muster, because I can’t get myself to ever look like I’m “going out on the town”. Anyways, we got this GIANT “V” stamped on our wrists at the entrance of the nightclub where we had the gala. It was pretty empty when we first got there, but the place filled up as the night went on.

I’d thought I’d feel different about going out in Dublin. Nope, still the same. Still not my thing. I just sat around and people-watched as I often do. It was fun. The strangest part was getting hit on by an 18-yr old boy who really thought he could get with me. It was quite funny, but it was good entertainment for a night.

Spoiling Myself (1/12/13)

So yes, I spoiled myself getting myself a French Connection dress, but I further decided to spoil myself by buying myself a new phone, my first expensive phone I’ve ever bought. Yes, it probably wasn’t smart, but whatever – oh dear, I’m becoming one of those people. Then, I went to a consignment store called Siopella. They specialize in REALLY expensive things: Louis Vitton, Fendi, Tiffanys, etc. and some European brands I’ve never heard of until I came here (Topshop, Links of London, Brown Thomas, etc.). They had a charity sale that day, selling 80-90% of the things in their shop for €3 each. It was amazing, though crowded. I ended up getting a nice, new fluffy sweater that’s not my style but should keep me warm for a good bit – plus it fits me – and a new pair of jeans. It was a good few hours spent.

Thing I learned “today”

To OWN a TV, you must have a license you renew every year.

Words/Phrase of the Day

Jumper = sweater

A lovely Christmas tree I found set up in the Science Hub this week. The holidays are coming!!!!


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